About us

IFTC started its activities in 1998 in producing fertilizers, soil correctors, growth stimulators and plant protection products from its natural sources, as part of IFTC philosophy to provide the safe organic alternatives in plant nutrition and plant protection to maintain the balance in the soil and farm ecology, in the same time produce more natural and safe products with the highest productivity of unit area, the fact that gives these products more economical advantage for farmers. Our products cover all steps of the fertilization program starting from preplanting, growth stages, and ending with preharvest treatments including dual purpose (fertilization and plant protection) product. IFTC follow developments in plant nutrition and protection technologies to maintain providing growers the best advanced products. 

Our Products has been adopted by pronounced organizations and large companies. The success of IFTC is based on its ability to serve its customers effectively.

Our Vision

We at IFTC will continue to renew our commitment to superior technological innovation, exceptional customer service and on-time product delivery.

Our Mission

To become a regional and international market leader in ferti solutions and maintain long-term alliances with our customers by professionally meeting their needs and increase their competitiveness, productivity and profitability.

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